SJSS Policy


SIOSS of Sport Science publishes papers that are judged and peer reviewed by team of expert reviewers (in the individual subject).


2.  Types of articles include original research papers, reviews, mini-reviews, short research communications, and letters to the editor.


3.  SIOSS Journal of Sport Science aims at rapid publication of quality research results and reviews while maintaining rigorous review process.


4.  The main criteria for accepting a manuscript for publication in SIOSS Journal of Sport Science  are originality, innovative and scientific importance and interest.


5.  Each article published by SIOSS Journal of Sport Science is open access, and full text is displayed on and on official webpage of indexing agencies and freely available to thousands of researchers, scientists, faculties, students that use the archive every day.

6. SIOSS Journal of Sport Science ensures that published article will be properly displayed and available for readers for the many generations to come.


7. To cater for international audiences and promote international collaboration, we encourage submissions that present results of collaborative research of more than one country.


8.   Our vision is to provide free published paper to each and every nation for improvement in education quality, and therefore it cause improvement in lifestyle of people.

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